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Eyre Llew

Drinnen-Bühne | Donnerstag, 20. Juni | 21:00
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Eyre Llew are an atmospheric ambient-rock trio from Nottingham UK who have been wowing audiences worldwide since their debut shows in 2015. Having formed in August 2014 they have embarked upon a series of stunning live shows which have seen them gather momentum and an ever increasing number of devoted fans. In the first two years of existence they released nine singles in digital format before recording, producing and self-releasing the critically acclaimed album 'Atelo' which features the songs ‘Havoc’ and ‘Atelo’ linked below. The album is currently available on limited release CD and Vinyl formats whilst all of their catalogue can be found on Spotify, the website at eyrellew.com and their youtube channel. The high production values of the band are self-evident with many months spent gathering sound samples and perfecting the atmospheric sound of grand piano and drums which give their music such beauty and depth. And that is not to mention inviting 50 fans into their studio to add backing vocals to the anthemic ‘Edca’.